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Polyurethane Moldings

Buy polyurethane crown molding from First Class Building Products, Inc. We offer polyurethane crown moldings for sale at very competitive prices. High density polyurethane crown molding profiles are available in a variety of styles to fit any design project. From plain linear molding details to more architectural ornate molding styles. Buy Crown Molding site covers a wide range of architectural details from classical to contemporary. Through the ages, mouldings have been utilized to beautify the space in a room and offer a transition between the ceiling and wall softening the edges of the two surfaces. Our manufacturing process and quality control guarantee precise, consistency between pieces so you can feel confident when you buy moldings from Us. Our polyurethane moldings have the same density of white pine. They are easily installed using basic carpenter’s tools. They do not rot and are impervious to insects and moisture. They come pre-primed and are installed using finishing nails and construction adhesive. We recommend PL Premium for an adhesive. It is critical to use construction adhesive when you install urethane crown molding. The adhesive must be used on all bedding edges and especially in the joints between the pieces.

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